Setting Up A Natural Amazon Themed Aquarium

by whispaq on June 27, 2019

Light. Set the tank top on the aquarium and put the light hood in place. Plug in the power heads, the mechanical filter, the tank heater, and the light to your GFI strip. Next, let the water in the tank stabilize for a few days. Make sure the tank heater is keeping the tank at the proper temperature for the fish you intend to keep.

It is a very easy task. First take out everything that is in the aquarium such as rocks, gravel, decoration and all the paraphernalia. These have to be thoroughly washed if they are to be used again in the freshwater aquarium. Apart from the decoration, the equipment used has to be thoroughly rinsed as well. The better you will wash and clean it, the sooner your water will stabilize to a normal freshwater PH range. It is better not to use the old decorations. Get new stuff for your freshwater aquarium.

Maintain your Whisper Aquarium Filters. Change the cartridges on a regular basis. A ten minute investment in weekly changes will save you much more time down the road. The cartridge refills usually come in packs that will save you money and ensure that you always have your supplies at hand. Also, once a month, take apart the filter and clean the impeller area to prevent any build up of matter that may prevent your filter from working properly. This shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes and an old toothbrush is the perfect tool for this little task.

Decorations can be scrubbed clean with a sponge after soaking in hot water with a bit if salt added. At no time, for any purpose are you to use any type of soap on, in, or around your tank! The residue will kill your fish very quickly.

This is usually only a fish killer it taken to an extreme, but is still dangerous even in a small capacity. Feed both according to your fish food instructions and pay attention to how much food your fish actually eat as opposed to how much you are feeding them. Uneaten food will collect at the bottom of your tank and from there decompose, sending ammonia levels up higher than they should go. Investing in a small catfish will help keep uneaten food down to a minimum. and hey. they even spice up the tank!

There can be many causes for this, overfeeding is the most common. When you feed, make sure that everything is consumed within 3 to 5 minutes and only feed twice each day, three maximum. Some aquarists go so far as to say only feed once daily and if any food hits the bottom of the tank you are overfeeding!

If you don’t have any suitable soil on hand you can buy some from your local garden supplies. I have heard of people regularly using Orchid compost which is said to be very good. Just be sure it is free of chemicals and you should be right, but again a small test run is always a good idea to be sure.

To breed convicts, you need several things. Water, a tank, and a male and female fish. It helps to have a “cave” where the female will feel safe to lay her eggs. It also helps to have the temperature at an even 80-82 degrees and the water chemistry “just right”. However, ours have bred with the temperature at 70 degrees and the ph lower than they like and the ammonia reaching toxic levels!! The eggs and fry did just fine! However, we have noticed that when temps are lower, it takes longer for the eggs to hatch.

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