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by whisperaquariumfilters on October 7, 2010

I’ve been a bit slow on posting reviews of the last couple of Rare Aquarium Plants For Sale, but it’s time to catch up. Overall, the Rare Aquarium Plants For Sale was great, and I have no problem recommending Rare Aquarium Plants For Sale for anyone wanting one.

I LOVE THIS Rare Aquarium Plants For Sale

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Eric October 8, 2010 at 12:35 am

The general rule is 1 inch per gallon for the maximum length of each fish. You want to be very generous with this. the ghost knife can grow up to 10 inches, but you don’t want to stock the entire tank with this. For shelter, Just get cheap pvc pipe (it grows in length to 10 inches). You would want to hide the pipe among lots of rocks, plants, wood, and substrate. I am not too familiar with equipment prices, so I’m not the person to ask. I do have some suggestions for plants and animals. I usually like to create biotope tanks, so since this is from the amazon, i would stock it with other fish and plants from the amazon. I recommend the amazon sword plant, microsword, red rubin, but any amazonian plant will do (i recommend CO2). The Black Ghost Knife fish is very peaceful, and will be compatible with any non aggressive fish. Since i think your going for an oddball tank, i’m not gonna suggest angelfish or rams. A lot of these are just types of fish with a couple of examples, since there are dozens and i can’t possibly name them allClown KnifePlecos (such as the leopard or bristlenose)Catfish (such as the shovelnose)Black Arowana Silver ArowanaPike/NeedlefishSilver Dollar (but they eat vegetation)Pacu, also known as vegetarian Piranha I recommend you check these fish out and check for other types of catfish and plecos. There are just so many, i was surprised they could be so large and colorful. If i had to make a tank i would have a group of either pacus or silver dollars and knife fish, plecos, and catfish on the substrate.

Deviant Fish October 8, 2010 at 6:22 am

i don’t think you should add live plants, it could be dangerous, because i’m guessing your python is from africa? my python is, and basically most plants that we get at home aren’t gonna be from there, and therefore they’re foregin to our pets, and can be dangerous with waterever natural chemicals and such they have. also plants usually pick up bugs, even if they’re really small ones, they can easily be a hazard to your snake, if you wer eto have a plant it would have to be something from the same area your snake naturally originates from, but even so, with the big infestation concept, it can be very dangerous. and you don’t need anymore lighing equiptment, just get a thermomedar, and look up the appropriate temperature for your snake , and make sure it stays around there, mines 80 degrees f. also make sure you have a water dish but i’m sure you have that, because snakes soak in them to apsorb there water. but yeah, good luck man, snakes are so beautiful 🙂 i love mine to bits, i hope you’ll get along well with yours. mines a ball python

♥HCO ♥1922♥ Twin Chinchillas October 8, 2010 at 12:46 pm

i woulkd shop around and write down the names of the fish that intrest you. then research them and see which types are compatible and what care and needs will best suit you. decide from there what fish you would like to purchase

Dani B October 8, 2010 at 6:11 pm

Wow, what a list of questions! I’ll give it my best shot. Your best bet with the guppy is to offer him access to multiple females. That way he can find a receptive one. Without trying you cannot tell if a guppy is infertile. The reason you saw expensive fish is: stores will charge whatever price they can get for something. In many places these fish not usually marked this high. i can get a Gold Nugget for $40 and a larger clown loach for $12-$15. But, if in your area people will pay, then the store will charge. Gold Endlers aren’t rare, they just aren’t seen in every local fish store yet. Hmmm…a fine leaved plant. How about cabomba, java fern lace….Your tetras don’t HAVE to be the same, but they will be happier in groups. I’m not sure about your prices or Petco sales. Good luck! Hope I helped with most of them anyway.

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