Top 4 Aquarium Issues And Ways To Solve Them

by whispaq on July 1, 2019

If you are adding a lone convict to an established tank of other cichlids, it’s usually better to remove the other fish and let the convict have the tank to himself for a little while. Then add the other fish back in. It’s not uncommon for a convict to lose its color when you introduce it to an aquarium or if it gets stressed. In fact, if your convict fades out in an established tank, it’s time to check your water chemistry.

This is usually only a fish killer it taken to an extreme, but is still dangerous even in a small capacity. Feed both according to your fish food instructions and pay attention to how much food your fish actually eat as opposed to how much you are feeding them. Uneaten food will collect at the bottom of your tank and from there decompose, sending ammonia levels up higher than they should go. Investing in a small catfish will help keep uneaten food down to a minimum. and hey. they even spice up the tank!

The results were wonderful. Though the turtles tank suffered some yuckies over the past week of me neglecting to buy a filter sooner, the Hagen AquaClear 70 Aquarium Whisper Aquarium Filters fixed the issues over night. The next morning I woke up to a crystal clear tank, and a happy turtle.

When selecting a Betta from the store, your first instinct will be to select one that has the brightest colors, but there are other factors to consider. Does the Betta appear to be in proper health? Check for any cloudiness in the eyes or on the fish’s scales. A healthy Betta should be bright in color and have perfect fins that show no signs of degeneration. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, either. Have any of the Bettas available at that particular pet shop been sick? You may also want to ask to see the Betta of your choice eat some food. A healthy Betta should readily feed; if it doesn’t, ask why, and see if any of the others will eat.

The remedy lies in your very kitchen. Get vinegar and water to scrub off the tank and make it squeaky clean. Avoid using an algae scrubber. It is better to use something that you can dispose off later so that the germs and grime are all tossed out in one go. If you plan to keep the old decorations, soak them in a diluted bleach solution. This will rid them off the diseases that they might be carrying.

If you plan on keeping a convict and not breeding, it’s best to have a lone convict in an aquarium with other cichlids. If you plan on breeding, it’s best to have two male and two female fish in a tank with only convicts. Convicts will pair off and breed with one mate for life.

You know how fish smell when they are dead. They can get a strong scent when they are in your aquarium too – the general filth and dirt will do this. Unchecked, it may eventually kill your fish – the water becomes toxic. The solution again here is the filter – change it regularly. You may be tempted to wait until you smell that ugly whiff before you change it, but don’t wait – change it once a month.

You can buy a complete setup without ornaments for a low price, and this is a great beginning. You also need a stand that can hold the tank. Remember it’ll be very heavy once you add the water. Start out with plastic plants, and plastic or resin, maybe wood, stone or ceramic decorations. Be careful, not every rock or toy is good for your tank. Some have toxins that can kill your fish. Remember, a larger tank is easier to maintain than a small one and it can hold many more fish, which will lead to a more pleasant experience of fish keeping.

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