How To Properly Care For Tropical Fish

by whispaq on July 13, 2019

Change the water content of your aquarium twice a month at least. The reason why most aquariums fail to make fishes survive is that these are not cleaned very often. As such, you have to make ways so that the water inside your aquarium is always clean. Try to remove the water by using a hose and replace them with new one. However, before doing water replacement, try to clean first your aquarium and remove things which are stuck inside the aquarium that might cause the death of your fish. You can also scrape off some of its unwanted parts there. After cleaning, then do the water replacement.

Provide your aquarium with 8-9 hours of light per day. You can setup an electric timer for this. If you have problems with algae in the future you can reduce the light by an hour.

Cleaning the tank your frog stays in is essential to a healthy pet. Whisper Aquarium Filters systems made for aquariums are a good investment, and can help tremendously in the cleaning process. With a whisper aquarium filters system, you should have to change the filter about once a week, and will have to scrub the deposits left on the aquarium walls about once a week.

There are two options available for you when it comes to buying vegetation for your aquarium. You can use live plants or artificial plants. Artificial vegetation requires less maintenance and you can use it forever, thus saving you lots of money. However, you still need to use live plants to keep the biological balance in the aquarium.

Don’t get me wrong, fish die just like the rest of us. Sometimes a fishes days are just numbered, but if you’re seeing a trend in the belly-up category, something needs to change.

Your decorations will get algae and scum build up over time; you can easily clean them with a sponge after soaking in hot salty water or try a 10% bleach solution for 15 minutes. Just be sure to rinse well and let dry completely before reintroducing to the aquarium. Absolutely do not use any form of soap, the least bit if residue can be fatal.

The first decision you have to make in setting up your first aquarium, is what size fish tank you want. I recommend at the very least a 10 gallon tank, although larger will be easier for a beginner. The stuff at the bottom of the tank is called substrate. You will probably either want gravel or sand. This is mostly a matter of what you think looks better. You will need some kind of filtration. For a smaller tank I recommend a hang on back type power filter. You will also need a heater. The general rule of thumb is 5 watts per gallon, but that can be a bit more than you need if you are in a warmer climate.

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