Give Your Fish A Sporting Chance – Setting Up An Aquarium The Right Way

by whispaq on July 19, 2019

Decorations can be scrubbed clean with a sponge after soaking in hot water with a bit if salt added. At no time, for any purpose are you to use any type of soap on, in, or around your tank! The residue will kill your fish very quickly.

Compare the rate of staff turnover at the shops available in malls with stores in which you can actually get to know the owners. As that rate descends, the level of quality of information and facts from your staff ascends.

There are a number of factors that can be held responsible when it comes to stress in an aquarium environment. Almost everything can put stress on a fish. Stress is a vicious circle in fish, same as it is in human beings. The more stress they experience, they less prone they are to being able to fight off disease, other fish, unfavorable water conditions and more. Stress is more a catalyst within other causes than a cause itself, but on the flip side of that it is always a major player in unhealthy fish.

Another key feature of the aquarium HOB filter is that is discretely hanging on the back of your aquarium doing its job. There is only one intake tube visible in your aquarium. No tubes, no big bulky parts to distract you from the natural look of your aquarium.

There are also mechanical filters on the market. I prefer and use a Whisper Aquarium Filters with a Bio Wheel. The Bio Wheel is a paper like cylinder that rotates as the water is returned to the tank. Beneficial bacteria live on the wheel and helps increase the biological cycle.

Another tip that’ll make deciding how many fish and what types (by size, in this case) you keep is this: Tropical Freshwater Fish (not goldfish, which will be covered in another article) require an “inch of fish per gallon of water”. For instance, with a 20-gallon tank, roughly 20 inches of fish should be safe. Allow for growth and, well. personal space. While 20 fish in a 20-gallon tank wouldn’t throw too much out of whack, it may still be a bit crowded.

Strong Scents. This problem may arise always but the solution is just very easy. You just have to do regular cleaning of your aquarium and rest assured you will get rid of these scents which might hurt your fish in the long run.

Don’t get me wrong, fish die just like the rest of us. Sometimes a fishes days are just numbered, but if you’re seeing a trend in the belly-up category, something needs to change.

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